Crédito Agrícola Banks on Xamarin Platform, Test Cloud, and Insights

Jo Ann Buckner

Credito Agricola LogoCrédito Agrícola, one of the largest banks in Portugal, serves more than 1.2 million customers across 700 locations. In order to better support their increasingly mobile customer base, the bank created consumer banking apps for three mobile operating systems in the platform-specific languages.

The costs of maintaining three separate teams and code bases quickly added up, driving Crédito Agrícola to seek out a cross-platform mobile development solution for their next app. Designed for enterprise banking customers, it was imperative that the app deliver a high-quality, fully native experience on iOS, Android, and Windows.   “We analyzed tools from the cross-platform development market, looking at factors including code reuse and compatibility of the final code, and ensuring the end-user experience was equal to that from native development—without compromising performance,” says Jorge Correia, Applications Development Director at Crédito Agrícola. “None of the solutions we looked at met our needs, until we found Xamarin.”   Impressed by the PoC that Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner Xpand IT produced, the bank engaged them to produce the app. Crédito Agrícola has gone all in with Xamarin, building the app with Xamarin Platform and maintaining quality with Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Insights.   Credito Agricola app on an iPhoneXamarin Platform allowed the Xpand IT team to create the seamless user experience across platforms that was so important to the bank, while Xamarin Test Cloud enabled them to move away from manual testing to accelerate release cycles and find critical bugs before the app went live. Higher quality was further achieved by using Xamarin Insights, an intelligent analytics and crash reporting system that helps the team be proactive by spotting potential problems early to enhance the user experience.     “Xamarin Insights is especially important because when users encounter problems with mobile apps, rather than reporting them they may simply stop using the app,” Viana says. “With Xamarin Insights we can become aware of problems even if the users don’t complain.”   Download the full case study to learn more about the benefits that Crédito Agrícola has found from using Xamarin, including faster development through 75% code reuse and enhanced quality through Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Insights.

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