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Nina has worked as a technical program manager and engineering manager on the Xamarin team at Microsoft, focusing on setup and acquisition. She has been with the Xamarin team since 2011. Nina is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

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First Look: Xamarin Android Device Manager Preview

With the release of SDK Tools 26, Google replaced the standalone UI for the SDK and Device Manager with a command line interface. In an effort to make Android component management accessible and easy to use, we have built our own versions of these important tools for Xamarin developers, starting with the SDK Manager last fall. Today, we’re excited to introduce a preview of Xamarin’s Android Device Manager, a new tool for creating, editing, and controlling Android virtual devices.

Say Hello to the Xamarin Profiler

The Xamarin Profiler is currently the only way to profile managed (C#) code and find memory and performance issues in Xamarin applications. It can also be paired with native profilers, like Xcode Instruments and Android Monitor, to ensure better app behavior and performance.

Live XAML Previewing with the Xamarin.Forms Previewer

One of the most time-consuming parts of development is the the build and run cycle, or the time between writing a line of code and seeing it execute. Real-time feedback makes development faster, easier, and more fun for developers. The Xamarin.Forms Previewer renders a live preview of a page side-by-side with the XAML markup, allowing you to see your user interface come to life as you type.

New Xamarin Profiler Preview