Jon Douglas

Principal Program Manager, NuGet

Jon Douglas is a Principal Program Manager for NuGet at Microsoft. In his spare time he is most likely spending time with his family, performing comedy improv, or playing video games.

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Faster Application Startup using Custom Profiles with Startup Tracing on Android

Developers today can already take advantage of Startup Tracing to improve the startup time of their Android apps. Today, I will show you a new feature that let's you build a custom profile to be used for your app with Startup Tracing that finely tunes and optimizes your apps startup.

AndroidX NuGet Packages are Stable!

Today we are happy to bring you stable AndroidX NuGet packages. Since AndroidX is a large change for your Android projects, we’ve introduced a number of ways for you to migrate your project. Learn more!

Publish smaller apps with the Android App Bundle

The Android App Bundle (.aab) is a new upload format that includes all of your app’s compiled code and resources, but defers APK generation and signing to Google Play at install time.

Android 10.0 General Availability

We’re excited to announce Xamarin.Android support for Android 10.0 in our latest release of Xamarin.Android for both Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio for Mac 2019!

Join the Xamarin Android Performance and App Size Challenge

The Xamarin.Android team has worked hard to delivery amazing features that every Xamarin developer should be using. Now through the end of August, we challenge YOU to give them a try and get rewarded with some awesome Xamarin swag!

Introducing AndroidX for Xamarin

The Android team has refactored the Support Library into a new set of extension libraries known as AndroidX which includes simplified package names to better reflect each package’s content and it’s supported API levels.

Faster Startup Times With Startup Tracing On Android

Announcing faster starter times using Startup Tracing on Android with performant startup experience and minimal increase to APK size.

Automatic Android SDK Management

Continuously improving the experience with Automatic Android SDK Management tools that are used under the hood to build, deploy, and debug your Android applications. Enabled by default, Auto SDK will provide you with various prompts throughout the lifecycle of your app’s development. Learn more!

Shrinking Your Android App Size

When it comes to application size, bigger is not better. In fact, it’s one of the key factors a user takes into mind when considering installing or uninstalling your application. Imagine if a user ran out of space on their device and your app was one of the biggest offenders for used space. It would be quite a shame for your application to be one of the first to be uninstalled, purely for how large it is...

Getting Started With WorkManager

Give a warm welcome to WorkManager. WorkManager is a library that makes it easy to schedule deferrable, asynchronous tasks even if the app exits or the device restarts. It was designed to be backwards compatible to API 14 and does so by wrapping JobScheduler, AlarmManager, and BroadcastReceivers all in one.