Android 10.0 General Availability

Jon Douglas

Android 10.0 introduces many features such as dark mode, live captions, foldable phone support, new wi-fi and connectivity APIs, and much more.

We’re excited to announce Xamarin.Android support for Android 10.0 in our latest release of Xamarin.Android for both Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio for Mac 2019.

Installing Xamarin.Android for Android 10.0

You can get Android 10.0 support in Xamarin.Android 10.0 and above. Which is available today in the Visual Studio Stable channel and Visual Studio for Mac Stable channel.

Visual Studio 2019

  • Open the Visual Studio Installer, and download the latest Visual Studio 2019 (16.3).

Visual Studio for Mac

  • Switch the Visual Studio for Mac Update Channel to the Stable channel with the latest Visual Studio for Mac 2019 (8.3).
  • Download Xamarin.Android 10.0+ and install the update.

Install the Android 10.0 SDK

Start the Android SDK Manager:

  • Visual Studio 2019, use Tools > Android > Android SDK Manager
  • Visual Studio for Mac 2019, use Tools > SDK Manager

First, make sure you are using Google’s repository within the SDK Manager. To do this, click on the Gear > Repository > Google:

Install Android 10.0(API 29) SDKs and Device System Images:

Install the latest Android SDK tools for API 29. This includes build-tools and platform-tools.

For more information about using the Android SDK Manager to install the Android SDK, see Using the SDK Manager.

Once installed, you’ll be able to set your Target Framework Version to Android 10.0 (Q) in your project and take advantage of the new APIs:

Learn More

For more detailed information on how to get started with Android 10, please see our documentation.


We encourage your feedback on any issues to be reported via the Report a Problem option. This can be found in your favorite IDE via Help > Report a Problem. If you have any questions regarding Android 10 APIs, please post them on the Xamarin Forums or Stack Overflow.

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    When can we expect the android 10 SDK to available on “Microsoft (Supported)” repository?

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