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Today we’re releasing Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.3. The Visual Studio extension natively supported by Unity on Windows makes it easier for game developers to use the rich capabilities of the Visual Studio IDE to develop cross-platform games with Unity.

Main changes

The highlights of VSTU 2.3 include:

  • VSTU no longer conflicts with the Xamarin tools, preventing you from debug your Unity game.
  • You can now use the text, XML, HTML and JSON string visualizers when debugging.
  • Support for function breakpoints in Visual Studio 2015 is now included.
  • All of Unity’s MonoBehaviours are now available from our wizards.
  • Multiple issues in the expression evaluation of the debugger have been resolved.

How to Update

The easiest way to update VSTU is to use the Visual Studio IDE extension manager. If you want to update manually, you need to download and install the VSTU version that matches the Visual Studio version you have installed and want to use with Unity.

If you are running Unity 5.2 or above: VSTU is natively supported and you just need to reinstall VSTU.

If you are running Unity 5.1 or below: You’ll still need to reimport our package in your project.

We strongly encourage VSTU users to update to 2.3. VSTU works best with Unity 5.3 where it’s natively supported, but we continue to support game developers on previous versions of Unity through the use of our VSTU Unity package. The full change log for this release is in our documentation.

You can download VSTU directly from the Visual Studio IDE extension manager or from the Visual Studio Gallery:

As always, if you have any suggestion for VSTU, please post them on UserVoice, and if you encounter any issue please report it through the Report a problem option from within the Visual Studio IDE.

Jb Evain, Software Engineering Manager, Visual Studio Platform Team @jbevain

Jb runs the Visual Studio Tools for Unity experience He has a passion for developer tools and programming languages, and has been working in developer technologies for over a decade.


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