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2023 Visual Studio Miniseries:

Tea & Technology

The Visual Studio team is full of stories and insights, and we knew it was time to share them. So, we picked up our cameras and went on a special tour of Microsoft’s iconic Redmond Campus. Our goal? To offer you a snapshot—an insider’s look at just a few of the many people who contribute to shaping Visual Studio every day. Leading us in these select conversations is the seasoned podcaster Richard Campbell from .NET Rocks. With decades of experience mirroring Visual Studio’s own history, Richard uses his insightful questioning to bring a level of clarity that enriches the viewer’s understanding of what truly makes our team and our product exceptional.

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Now, you might be wondering about the ‘Tea & Technology’ angle. It’s simple. Much like a cup of tea fosters rich conversations, this miniseries aims to blend tech insights with meaningful dialogue. Richard Campbell, our pro host, will fuel the conversation with a medley of coding tips, sneak peeks at upcoming features, and an exploration of what the future holds for .NET and Visual Studio

Whether you’re a code guru or just getting started, prepare for a brew of knowledge and inspiration that’s sure to enrich your developer journey.

As a bonus, we filmed each episode entirely on location at our Redmond, WA campus.

👇 Here is our episode guide 👇

Episode 1: “Transforming Ideas into Features”

  • Air Date: Oct 4, 2023, length: 12 minutes. Watch on Microsoft Learn, YouTube or Twitch.
  • Guest: Mads Kristensen, Principal Product Manager
  • Summary: Join veteran Principal Product Manager Mads Kristensen as he delves into the transformative journey of Visual Studio. Renowned for his extensive contributions to extensions, Mads explores how the IDE has evolved to become a comprehensive, all-in-one platform. From the power of community-driven features to the adaptability of the IDE in both individual and enterprise settings, this episode offers a sweeping view of Visual Studio’s enduring appeal.

Episode 2: “Elevating the Inner-Loop Experience”

  • Air Date: Oct 4, 2023, length: 16 minutes. Watch on Microsoft Learn, YouTube or Twitch.
  • Guest: Anthony Cangialosi, Principal Product Manager
  • Summary: Join us as we chat with Anthony, the Group Product Manager at the heart of Visual Studio Core. Learn how Visual Studio is redefining the ‘inner loop’ experience to make coding more efficient and seamless than ever. Discover why it stands head and shoulders above other IDEs, especially when it comes to debugging. We’ll also give you a behind-the-scenes look at how Visual Studio is revolutionizing the PR review process and setting the gold standard in Git tooling.

Episode 3: “Mastering the Debugging Game”

  • Air Date: Oct 4, 2023, length 10 minutes. Watch on Microsoft Learn, YouTube or Twitch.
  • Guest: Leslie Richardson, Sr. Product Manager
  • Summary: Step into the world of debugging and profiling with Leslie, a seasoned Product Manager who cut her teeth at Microsoft working on the debugger team. Ever wonder why developers can’t stop talking about Visual Studio’s debugging and profiling toolkit? Leslie takes you through its powerful capabilities, sharing unique insights from her time on the debugger team. Learn about features like smart breakpoints, pinnable properties, and how Visual Studio is setting new benchmarks in performance analysis with actionable insights. Curious to find out Leslie’s personal favorite debugging feature? Tune in to discover why these tools are the unsung heroes of software development.

Episode 4: “Creating Mobile Apps with Visual Studio”

  • Air Date: Oct 11, 2023, length: 12-minutes. Watch on Microsoft Learn, YouTube or Twitch.
  • Guest: James Montemagno, Principal Manager, Tech PM
  • Summary: Join James, a Developer Advocate and highly sought-after speaker, as he walks us through his transformative journey with Visual Studio and .NET, all the way up to the latest advancements in .NET MAUI. Starting from his roots in game development to becoming a leading voice in mobile and multi-platform apps, James illuminates how Visual Studio has been a career-defining ally for him. Learn why he believes that the evolution into .NET MAUI is a game-changer, offering a unified and enriched development experience across platforms. Discover how a single checkbox in Visual Studio can unlock a universe of coding possibilities, including the new horizons opened by .NET MAUI. If you’ve been curious about the future of multi-platform development, this episode is your perfect springboard.

Episode 5: “Pushing the boundaries of coding with GitHub Copilot”

  • Air Date: Oct 11, 2023, length 18 minutes. Watch on Microsoft Learn, YouTube or Twitch.
  • Guest: Mark Wilson-Thomas, Principal Product Manager
  • Summary: Join Mark as he unravels the fascinating world of AI-assisted development. Starting with how AI has elevated IntelliSense from a simple code completer to an intelligent coding assistant. Shifting gears, delve into the cutting-edge features of GitHub Copilot, the team’s latest innovation designed to streamline your coding experience. To cap it all off, Mark offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future, teasing upcoming advances that promise to revolutionize and expand the impact of AI to even more of your development life. Don’t miss this insightful episode – it’s a coder’s dream come true.

Episode 6: “Visual Studio & .NET: A Symbiotic Relationship”

  • Air Date: Oct 18, 2023, length 10 minutes. Watch on Microsoft Learn, YouTube or Twitch.
  • Guest: David Fowler, Distinguished Engineer
  • Summary: Get ready for a deep dive with David Fowler as he reveals why he trusts Visual Studio’s preview versions for his daily work—and why you should too. Learn how the IDE’s seamless Git tooling has completely transformed his GitHub workflow, making version control a breeze. Don’t miss David’s enthusiastic take on .NET 8’s Blazor, now in its third iteration and better than ever. Plus, discover why Parallel Stacks in Visual Studio’s debugger is a feature he can’t live without. This episode is a treasure trove of insights from someone who lives and breathes Visual Studio. Don’t miss it!

Episode 7: “Developer Efficiency, AI Assistance & Microsoft Dev Box”

  • Air Date: Oct 18, 2023, length: 27 minutes. Watch on Microsoft Learn, YouTube or Twitch.
  • Guest: Amanda Silver, CVP Developer Division.
  • Summary: Join us for the grand finale of our Visual Studio miniseries as Amanda Silver, the CVP of the Developer Division at Microsoft, sits down with Richard Campbell in a cozy setting on campus. Amanda will weave together the plethora of topics we’ve explored throughout the series—from the intricacies of AI and machine learning to the seamlessness of Azure’s integration with Visual Studio. She’ll distill what elevates Visual Studio from being just another tool in a developer’s kit to a comprehensive, forward-thinking platform that’s actively shaping the future of development. This culminating discussion promises not only to put the entire series into sharp focus but also to offer insights into the broader vision and future directions of Visual Studio. Don’t miss this intimate wrap-up conversation that promises to bring the entire series full circle.

That’s a wrap on ‘Tea & Technology’!

A big thanks to our amazing developer community for tuning in. If you’ve missed any episodes, they’re all available for you to stream at your leisure. The links to each video are above.

We’re eager to know what you think! Feel free to leave a comment below to share your favorite moments or key takeaways. Interested in more content like this? Let us know if you’d enjoy similar deep dives into other developer topics in the future. Your feedback directly influences what we create next, so don’t hold back!

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