Visual Studio for Mac 17.3 Preview 2 is now available

Jordan Matthiesen

Today we release Visual Studio for Mac v17.3 Preview 2; focused on addressing top customer feedback from the Visual Studio for Mac v17.0 release. If you’re already using the Visual Studio for Mac Preview release, use the Visual Studio > Check for Updates… menu to update. If you aren’t using it yet, download it now:

This blog post summarizes the top changes in this release. You can check out the preview release notes to learn about all of the changes we’ve made.

Top issues fixed in this release

Each release we focus on fixing some of the top items reported to us on the Developer Community site. In this release, some of the top issues include:

.NET MAUI improvements

In Visual Studio for Mac v17.3 Preview 1 we introduced support for .NET MAUI development. To get started with it, you should download the Preview installer and choose the .NET MAUI workload to install templates and required dependencies.

New in v17.3 Preview 2, we’ve now added support for New File (Item) templates. To use these, right-click on your .NET MAUI project or folders in that project and choose the Add > New File… menu.

Additionally, we’ve made some fixes to the Apple Authentication flow for provisioning your iOS apps. You can now connect your account using your App Store Connect API key. To add an Apple account, use the Visual Studio > Preferences… > Apple Developer Accounts menu. This experience is still in progress so please try it out and send us your feedback!

Please keep sharing your feedback

Please continue to share your thoughts and keep sending those suggestions or problem reports! You can use the Help > Report a Problem or Help > Provide a Suggestion menus to share feedback, or go to the Visual Studio for Mac Developer Community site to vote for your favorites.


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  • Ruslan Sadykov 0

    After installation on Apple Silicon M1 Pro when try check new updates -> vs crushed and do not response.
    Also Java JDK 11 in the list for update even if it already installed.

    • Art LeonardMicrosoft employee 0

      We’re so sorry you’re experiencing an issue. Can you open a feedback item so that we can get your IDE and update log to see what is happening? We’d like to make sure you get unblocked.

      • Ruslan Sadykov 0

        if I could. When I open the VS 17.3 for Mac Preview 2, a window opens with a selection of previously created projects. Trying to create a new project, open a previously created one, or use the menu at the top of screen seems impossible. The program is in load mode, its elements of the graphical environment either do not respond at all, or open with a high delay.

        System: Apple MacBook Pro with M1 Pro 16 GB RAM
        Operating system: macOS Monterey 12.4

  • Andrey Shevchenko 0

    Anything related to c++ modules in this release?

    • Andrey Shevchenko 0

      No. Still broken.

  • Steve Tabler 0

    Please note, for Windows 11 Arm64, you must uninstall all previous versions of Visual Studio before installing the Visual Studio 2022 17.3 preview version.

    That’s a deal breaker. You want me to uninstall, say, 10 (exact number not being disclosed) different side-by-side development environments for different versions of Visual Studio just so I can run this single version? No thanks!

  • Jeremy Whiteley 0

    When installing dotnet 7, none of my maui projects existing or new would build. Just a lot of errors.

    Also any chance adding Line Height is on the near term roadmap?

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