What’s New in Visual Studio: Make it Your Home

Grace Taylor

Visual Studio 2022 features an array of improvements during each major and minor release, and we know that you may not have a lot of time to find and try them after each update. We also heard from the developer community that you’d like an easy way to keep up with new Visual Studio capabilities that could be useful in your day-to-day work.

That’s why we’ve put together a selection of features for you to play with, right within Visual Studio during each release. What’s New in Visual Studio is available in Visual Studio 17.3 Preview 1 and 2 in English locales.

What's New in Visual Studio
What’s New in Visual Studio

Try new Visual Studio features

After updating Visual Studio, a selection of new features will appear. Select a feature for further detail.

From there, you’ll be able to try the given feature, either by selecting “Enable” or if it is already on by default, you’ll be able to learn more about its capabilities.

After you’ve closed the What’s New feature, you may find it again under the Help > What’s New menu item.

What's New in Visual Studio
Example of a feature in What’s New

Share your thoughts

Please feel free to give the latest features a try and let us know what you think, by sharing feedback on Developer Community or voting on a request that resonates.


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  • Ian Marteens 1

    I’m gonna share my thoughts, indeed. 17.2.1 introduced a bug for people having more than one MS account. Today I installed 17.2.4, just in the hope… I ended up with 83 errors in a stable project, since somehow Microsoft managed to botch all of their code analyzers. I wasted almost half an hour repairing the installation and restoring my settings. That’s what I call Progress With A Capital P. Glad you have now a Visual Studio for Mac and for ARM. Couldn’t wait to share all these joys with those other users.

    • Ruben RiosMicrosoft employee 2

      Hey Ian! Do you mind expanding on what’s the 17.2.1 multi-account problem you are facing? Is the problem still present in the 17.2.4 build?

        • Ruben RiosMicrosoft employee 2

          Thanks for the context, Ian. I have good news. That issue has been fixed in 17.3 (it should not repro on the latest 17.3 preview builds) and the team is exploring to backport the change to 17.2 as well.

          • Ian Marteens 0

            Thanks for the fast answer, Ruben. I’ll keep an eye on the update. In any case, I’m eagerly waiting for 17.3 for starting with MAUI.

  • M S 0

    I love the new start page. VisualStudio is always changing (usually for the better!) and having this start page will really help me keep up. Thank you for listening to community requests to make new features easier to discover.

    • Ian Marteens 1

      Oh, is there a new start page? Probably I was so pissed off after reinstalling that I didn’t pay attention to it. Next time, I promise.

  • Jan Děták 2

    And what about fixing some ridiculous but annoying bugs? For example VS does not install if user name contains unicode characters. The installer just silently ends. Try user name Matěj.

    • Ardit 0


  • Leo Rozing 0

    What I don’t understand that a GA workload like Maui is part of a 17.3 preview product???

    Apart from that I love the what’s new feature and should have been there ages ago … but keep solving bugs 😜

  • cyberlizard 1

    Will a Linux version ever see the light of day?

    • Damian Wyka 0

      Never. VS is built using wpf afaik and wpf has strong dependency on windows to the point it is infeasible to port it to any other OS. The best you can get is to move to VS Code but thats not the same obviously.

      • Michael Taylor 2

        Visual Studio also runs on [Mac](https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/mac/). Clearly WPF isn’t the issue here. It is more likely the ROI.

        VS Code is the non-Windows preferred IDE. There is a discussion (including feedback request for Linux) [here](https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/177175/visual-studio-for-linux.html).

        Another alternative is [Github Codespaces](https://github.com/features/codespaces) which is a cloud-based IDE. It has merged with what was called Visual Studio Online/Codespaces to allow for IDE development in the cloud.

        • Seth Riley 0

          Quick note: Visual Studio on Mac was rebranded from Xamarin Studio. I’d imagine they could port over that version to linux with enough development time and budget compared to VS on Windows, but given how much they advertise WSL it’s rather unlikely.

  • Michael diSibio 0

    Slowly popping up on social media nd forums for some that after updating to 17.2.4 every file and every line of every project has red squiggles. The solution builds perfectly, no errors, but the IDE analyzer would appear to not be honoring implicit usings or something like that. “Predefined type System.Object is not defined or imported“, same for Text and Task .

    One fix seems to be to manually delete \bin, \obj of EVERY project and the .vs folder of every solution, and then rebuild.
    This twitter hack suggests changing Solution build config from Debug to Release and back, which seems to also fix the problem with less labor.

  • JinShil 1

    Please add a way to remotely debug .NET apps on Linux that combines building, publishing, running, and attaching in one seemless step, in the same way it works in Visual Studio 2008 when remotely debugging Windows CE devices. Thank you.

  • Ardit 0

    Good Evening Kosovo Sir/Lady, Amazing Feautures Available on @VisualStudio2022. I’m excited , C’mon Developers,


    ” DRIVEN AL “

  • Dony Junior 0

    I never get used to the rude way that some people have to comment here. Don’t care about the rude reviews. That kind of person doesn’t deserve attention. By the way, nice new functionality!

  • Tod Palin 2
    After you’ve closed the What’s New feature, you may find it again under the Help > What’s New menu item.

    Not on 17.2.5 it isn’t. No what’s new anywhere.

    • Rick Dorris 1

      Not finding it in 17.3 either.

  • Craig Brown 0

    I’m going to have to agree with Ian Marteens. New features are great as long as they don’t mess up old features. I am having a nightmare with 17.2.5. Sometime over the past month or so, the number of “VS is Busy” / Hangs have steadily increased. Also, random Docker errors which go away after exiting VS and restarting. This is code that has worked for years. We have several projects and have been focused on the Xamarin components for the past few months. Aside from Nuget and VS updates. No changes to docker projects. I am currently running “repair” (an enormous inconvenience) as a last-ditch effort to fix this. Already did the normal deleting bin and obj directories etc.

    Rather than rehash, here is a link to my StackOverflow post.


    • Craig Brown 0

      Funny thing, when you first start coding, if something is not working, you assume it is caused by something other than yourself. After many years of coding, you figure that every time there is an unexplainable issue, it is probably your fault. After trying everything I could imagine, I ran “repair,” and all issues magically disappeared. New features are great, but not so much if other thinks are broken during updates.

      • Vincent Thorn 0

        You speak about OLD times when company worried about QUALITY of product! Now a whole world shifted to “copro-economy” – produce rubbish and sell it more frequent. It happen everywhere, from cars till software. Nowadays MS doesn’t care anymore about quality – look at Win10/11 and cry! Same story w VS – now when I see a bug, I AM SURE it’s bug from indians which hired by MS for plate of curry.
        Too much unqualified cadres occupied IT! Quality is degraded and I cannot say anymore “it’s my fault” – most errors I see is sh****ty quality of MS products.

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