Visual Studio 2022 Version 17.9: A Comprehensive Update for C++ Developers

Mryam Girmay

Visual Studio 2022 version 17.9 introduces a host of new features and improvements for C++ developers. Now, you can use the Memory Layout feature to visualize the memory layout of your classes, structs, and unions directly in the editor. Additionally, the #include Diagnostics feature provides insights into the frequency of element usage from an included file, as well as the impact of each #include directive on the build time of the file you’re currently editing. This information is conveniently displayed within your editor for easy reference.  

For Unreal Engine developers, the consistency and accuracy of IntelliSense has improved, and UE Blueprint references have been streamlined. For C++ cross-platform developers, you can now run unit tests on a remote Linux machine directly from Visual Studio and specify a custom CMake executable for your projects. 

For all Visual Studio users, including those who work with C++, the new Visual Studio 2022 version 17.9 brings several enhancements. You can now take advantage of AI-generated Git commit messages, which assist in creating clear and relevant commit descriptions. Additionally, a secondary link has been introduced that allows you to open pull requests in a web browser, not just in Visual Studio. The Git Repository Window now features Responsive Git Ref Labels that adjust their content based on the available space, thereby facilitating easier repository navigation. Lastly, the new Multi Project Configuration allows you to set up profiles for specific projects within a multi-project solution. 

For a detailed overview of the latest C++ features in Visual Studio version 17.9, refer to our announcement blog post. 

We deeply appreciate your invaluable feedback, which has been shaping our product and guiding our efforts to enhance Visual Studio in alignment with your preferences. In the 17.9 release, we have addressed some of the most popular suggestion tickets from the Visual Studio Community, such as Memory Layout (92 votes) and Run C++ Unit Tests on Linux (90 votes). 

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