Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Release Candidate 2

Jordan Matthiesen

Visual Studio 2022 for Mac 17.0 Release Candidate 2 is now available! In this release, we’ve focused on addressing top reported issues from the first release candidate. This work builds on top of earlier previews where we’ve moved the UI of the IDE to fully native macOS UI and migrated the IDE to run on top of .NET 6 (enabling native support of Apple’s M1 (arm64) processor). Get the latest release now by using the Visual Studio > Check for Updates… menu in Visual Studio for Mac, or download it directly:

Top issues fixed in this release

We’d like to thank developers like you who have taken the time to  report issues in the RC. We use your feedback to create a better Visual Studio for Mac and encourage everyone to keep sharing your observations. Here are some of the top customer-reported issues fixed in this release:

In addition to these fixes, you can find a longer list of all fixes in the release notes.

Please send us your feedback

Thanks for helping report issues and making Visual Studio 2022 for Mac the best Visual Studio for Mac release yet. After you’ve had a chance to try out this release, please let us know what you think by taking the Visual Studio for Mac Preview survey:


Please continue to send us those suggestions or problem reports as well! You can use the Help > Report a Problem or Help > Provide a Suggestion menus to share feedback, or go to the Visual Studio for Mac Developer Community site to vote for those that are most important to you.




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  • Lei Zheng 0

    When will VS for MAC be updated to Visual Studio 2022 17.2 or Visual Studio 2022 17.1, and when will MAUI be available

  • prodbyjonny 0

    when maui? (sorry I asked every time a new preview dropped and every time you say soon😅 so I thought keep it short)

    • Vladislav Antonyuk 0

      Visual Studio 2022 For Mac 17.1. .NET MAUI is not included in the initial release

  • Paul Irwin 0

    This is great, and we’re looking forward to its future potential. But by far the biggest hold-up in our organization from adopting Visual Studio for Mac widely (or any kind of .NET stack development on macOS) is the lack of a good SQL Server / Azure SQL local development story on M1/Arm, whether that’s native macOS, in Linux containers, or in a Windows on Arm VM. Azure SQL Edge on Docker is promising, but it is missing several key features that we often use (i.e. geospatial) and the licensing is unclear for local development since it’s not really designed for that. And currently Windows on Arm in a macOS VM is not supported. I’d also imagine that as Arm becomes more popular in the cloud that SQL Server would want to support that. Is there a plan for SQL Server Express/Developer Edition on Arm (either macOS M1 native, in Linux Docker Arm64 containers, or in a Windows on Arm VM) anytime soon?

  • Claudiu Alex 0

    Congratulations for new version ! Does installer require Rosetta 2 for installation on Mac M1 ?

  • Hong Minhee 0

    The installer of VS 2022 for Mac does not work without Rosetta 2 on Apple silicon Macs. I guess it’s due to a small mistake in the installer manifest, and this kind of bug should be easily fixed. (Actually I faced the exactly same kind of error during installing PowerShell, and I sent a patch to fix it by myself. It was not that difficult.) Please see also the feedback I reported before about this.

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