I'm A VB: Daniel Seara, Visual Basic MVP




MVP Profile: https://mvp.support.microsoft.com/profile=918755FC-EE78-462E-B546-8C03ADB85982

Blog: http://blogs.solidq.com/ES/dseara


·        How long have you been using VB?

Oh.. since the previous century, maybe sometime in the middle of it. 🙂  I knew Visual Basic when he was three floppy-disks old 🙂


·        What industry do you work in?

Software and database consultant.


·        How big is your development team?

We are more consultants than a developer team. We are near two hundred, all around the world.


·        What kind of apps do you most commonly build?

We work making others’ apps works better.  On top of that, my small team use to develop special parts, components and so on, for MOSS 2007.


·        What’s the most interesting app you’ve ever built?

I implemented a distributed system using VB 2003 to manage organ transplants from all the vast Argentinian territory, using mobile devices to keep information up to date on a minute-by-minute basis.


·        Please tell us about an app that you’re working on at the moment.

Public health system sites (hospital’s site), making it fully accesible, multlingual, with a lot of useful information for the people, and creating a special MOSS platform to manage this. Of course, all built in VB 🙂


·        What other technologies do you most commonly use?

As probably you notice, I mostly work with MOSS.


·        What are some of your favorite VB features?

“Fast and furious” 🙂


·        What do you like most about VB as a programming language?

It is easy to use. It is easy to learn. It has no diference in power with other programming languages. As with any other, you HAVE to know it… or you can’t do whatever you want to do.


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