Paraskevi Zerva

Senior Data & Applied Scientist, M365 People Experiences

Hi ! I am Paraskevi. I am part of Observability Team at M365 People Experiences working as a Senior Data and Applied Scientist. I am a tech enthusiast about everything data-related including data modelling and architecture, AI and Machine Learning, big data, semantic and graph databases solutions to name a few. My background ranges across solving data problems in the areas of Data Integration/Data Quality, Data Governance/Data Strategy, Provenance/Traceability, Data Science with a strong focus on architecting solutions in the area of Enterprise Data Unification and ML model development pipelines. My second passion is on Green Technology, Sustainability, Ocean and Marine Conservation using AI and ML techniques and analytics.

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Using ML to monitor coral reef bleaching

(image) Coral Reefs & Bleaching Events Coral reefs form home for an estimated 25% of all marine life incorporating more than four thousand species of fish and over a million other aquatic species that live, breed, and are dependent on coral reef ecosystems during their lifetime [1]. This number is significantly important if we ...

Deep Learning to the rescue! Mitigating anthropogenic impact upon killer whales in the Canadian Arctic and Salish Sea

(image) History and Background  Marine vessel traffic is having a negative anthropogenic impact on marine environments and marine mammals, such as killer whales and other cetaceans, which experience growing pressures by the increasing and constantly changing diverse anthropogenic ocean use and activities performed in coastal areas. ...