Fabrizio Morando

Sr Customer Success Account Manager, Customer Success

Agile coach - DevOps \ ALM practitioner. I’m responsible to deliver and manage application development support contracts in Microsoft Italia subsidiary. I'm enthusiastic and passionate in technologies and emerging trends about Application Lifecycle processes and tools, Quality Driven Development, Cloud architectures, Microservices Approach, Sustainable Software Engineering and green concepts applied to software development. Constantly focused on how DevOps discusses today's successful business strategies evolution around continuous improvement practices, and how implementing a DevOps environment can achieve this goal. Particularly involved on how cultural changes associated with implementing DevOps are discussed, including challenges in this area.

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Sustainable Software Engineering (SSE) and the role and responsibilities of a Sustainable Software Engineer

Sustainable Software Engineering is a new discipline that brings together climatology, software and hardware technology and data center designs. In this post I will clarify these principles, describing the possible role of the Sustainable Software Engineer, with consequent responsibilities and skills necessary to interpret it at the best.