Using AI and Data Science to eliminate bias in hiring

Ruth Yakubu

Challenges in hiring process

The hiring process can be a daunting, slow and time-consuming process for both recruiters, job hunters and companies. Job candidates have the pressure of stuffing their CV/resumes with keywords with the hopes that resume keyword scanners can find and pick their resume. Unfortunately, in most cases this automatically overlooks great candidates with normal resumes that focuses on their skills and background experiences. For the recruiters, when they are reviewing the resumes that the scanners picked, the resumes are oftentimes hard to understand or do not coherently make sense because every other word is a buzz keyword. In addition, recruiters and hiring managers spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks such as scheduling meetings and asking candidates the same questions, which can be frustrating. Job candidates must go through a series of interview meetings that sometimes involves travel that can take weeks before they could find out if they got an offer. Hiring managers, on the other hand, face the challenge of finding who is the best talent for the job and fit the organization’s culture. Some of the decisions both recruiters and hiring managers make in choosing candidates are sometimes bias and subjective. For these reasons, the recruiting and hiring process selections are based on biases such as who the candidate knows, keyword usage, gender, race, age, or physical appearance that can eventually lead to poor employee performance and churn.

Redefining the future of Hiring

In this episode of Tech Exceptions, I had an exceptional conversation with Nina Alag Suri, CEO of X0PA AI. X0PA AI SaaS platform provides powerful AI and ML pre-screening and predictive analytics algorithms. These provide in-depth insights to recruiters and hiring managers so that they can make the best-informed selection decisions, ultimately enhancing the quality and efficiency of hires at scale. They use their AI and ML patented algorithm to identify quality talents and retention predictions. X0PA has a unique approach to eliminate some of the common biases that are generated from other traditional ML training models that are based on historical dataset that has biased hiring patterns. In addition, they use Azure Cognitive Service for the human interactions and to bring the intuitive and emotional intelligence that AI provides.

Hiring Prescreening Chatbot using Azure LUIS and Bot Services

XOI is a chatbot service that XOPA offers for the mass screening that is needed to expedite the hiring process. X0PA uses Azure Bot Framework as the architecture used to build and deliver the chatbot. Azure Bot Framework provides a comprehensive service to allow developers and businesses to easily build and connect their bots to popular channels and devices. This gives your bot the ability to speak, listen, and understand your users with integration to Azure Cognitive Services. In X0PA’s case, the Azure Cognitive Service they are using for their chatbot is the Azure Language Understanding (LUIS) service.

Azure Bot Services

Azure LUIS is a natural language service that enables developers and businesses to quickly create custom models with intelligence to a user’s conversational, natural language text to predict overall meaning, and pull out relevant, detailed information. LUIS aims to be the most comprehensive service for text understanding, and the simplest to use for developers with no AI expertise. Here are its key features:

  • Extracts intent/action and entities/information from user utterances
  • Extendable by domain specific terms to better fit customer solutions

Azure Language Understanding

X0PA uses LUIS for their XOI chatbot solution to help organizations to easily understand candidate inquiries and pull out relevant information pertaining to their question. In case of X0PA, each job posting is a structured data. It contains information regarding the job requirements, job description, work hours, salary and other kinds of information. LUIS can interpret the intent from a candidate’s question and respond to the inquiry pertaining to the job post information. In addition, it can ask preconfigured questions back to the candidates as well.

X0PA leverages LUIS to enable a recruiter to configure questions for the job posting to help screen candidates. For example, the chatbot can ask the candidates the question: “do you have security clearance for this Government job position?” if the job position requires a candidate to have security clearance. Depending on the job role and the information mentioned in the job posting, X0PA enables recruiters to come up with questions or these could be a list of questions suggested by LUIS. Once the questions are finalized by the recruiter and are fed into X0PA solution, each candidate who applies for the role will interact with the chatbot and answer these pre-screening questions. Candidates will also have the option to ask any clarifying questions – the chatbot will then search the job posting information to provide the answer otherwise it could redirect this question to the recruiter via notification. X0PA’s goal for the chatbot is to deploy this as a pre-screening tool. XOI integrates with multiple channels like the company’s career page, websites, MS Teams, applicant tracking systems (ATS) or other HR and CRM systems for a seamless and interactive candidate pre-screening process.

Hiring Interviewing Video using Azure Video Indexer

X0PA ROOM is a video interview solution that X0PA offers to companies that is complete with the options to conduct video, text, random multiple choice or essay type assessments at scale. It enables hiring managers to seamlessly invite and pre-screen candidates for on-demand video and text based assessments at scale. X0PA uses Azure Video Indexer service to allow companies to gain valuable insights from their video and audio files. Azure Video Indexer is one of Azure Cognitive Services that automatically extract metadata such as spoken words, written text, language detection and translation, faces, speakers, celebrities, emotions, topics, brands, and scenes from video and audio files. In X0PA’s case, they only extract the speech-to-Text transcript, written text, topics and emotion metadata from Video Indexer. They are strict about concealing the candidates’ identity or appearance that can lead to bias in the decision making. With the X0PA ROOM solution, it enables businesses to seamlessly scale the interview process by assessing multiple candidates at once through reviewing one-way recorded candidate answers at their convenience. Other key features include, candidate retakes, anti-cheat capabilities, automated scoring, rankings and pass/fail features as well as the AI-driven analytics.

The Solution

Watch and learn how X0PA AI is using their SaaS AI powered platform to revolutionize how enterprises employ talented applicants and retain the best fit talents with advanced algorithms, predictive analytics, natural language processing and RPA to scale the recruiting and hiring processes while eliminating bias for an inclusive workforce.

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