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Quantum Development

Quantum at Microsoft Ignite 2019

This year at Microsoft Ignite 2019, Microsoft announced Azure Quantum, a full-stack approach to quantum computing. The Microsoft Quantum team had a booth on the show floor as well as several sessions on all topics related to quantum computing during the conference.

Grace Hopper Celebration 2019: Recap

Grace Hopper Celebration 2019 – the world’s largest gathering of women technologists – featured several sessions on quantum computing as part of the "Emerging Technologies" track. We presented one of these sessions, a workshop titled “Introduction to Quantum Computing with Grover`s Search". In this post we share the highlights of the trip.

Q# Advent Calendar 2018

The F# and C# communities have blogging events called Advent Calendars, in which every day in December one awesome community member publishes a blog post about the language. I think it's an amazing way to bid farewell to the old year and to celebrate the new one, and Q# needs one too! So, let's write some Q# blog posts!