Anaconda licensing for Microsoft products and services

Steve Dower

Our friends at Anaconda have posted a joint announcement last week regarding the use of their repository from Microsoft cloud-hosted products. See the full announcement on their website.

Today, Anaconda, Inc. announced a collaboration with Microsoft to enable customers to confidently access Anaconda’s curated library of open-source packages within Microsoft Cloud-hosted products and services, including Azure services like Azure Machine Learning, as well as GitHub services such as GitHub Codespaces and GitHub Actions, without the requirement of a separate license.1

We are very excited for our customers to continue to have access to Anaconda’s packages across all of our cloud-hosted services, and to make Azure an easy and safe choice for your data science and machine learning work.

Check out each service’s documentation for instructions on using Conda with Anaconda’s packages or your own repository, as the details may vary. This coverage is only for our services where we’ve provided Conda support, and doesn’t include your own custom virtual machines or on-premise deployments.


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