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Join us for AI Chat App Hack from Jan. 29 – Feb.12

The Microsoft AI Chat App Hack is a two-week virtual hackathon where you can learn how to build a chat app with Python, using the RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) approach with OpenAI and Azure AI Search. You’ll also get to meet other Python developers and learn from Microsoft engineers on live streams.

Anaconda licensing for Microsoft products and services

Our friends at Anaconda have posted a joint announcement last week regarding the use of their repository from Microsoft cloud-hosted products. See the full announcement on their website. Today, Anaconda, Inc. announced a collaboration with Microsoft to enable customers to confidently access Anaconda’s curated library of open-source ...

Publish to Azure in Visual Studio 2017

This week, those of you using Visual Studio 2017 RC will be getting an update notification. This is a refresh of RC, with a whole lot of improvements and fixes (based on your feedback), and a selection of features that didn't quite make the initial RC release. For Python support, we've largely focused on bugfixes. There were 34 bugs resolved ...

Azure Python SDK 2.0.0rc2 is out! Why it’s a major step for Azure with Python.

My name is Laurent and I recently moved from France to join the Python team at Microsoft. Along with the rest of our team, I am responsible for maintaining the Azure Python SDK, and we are glad to announce the 2.0.0 RC2 version! This is a major step for Python on Azure and the product of several teams collaborating in Microsoft to establish a...