[Service Fabric] Auto-scaling your Service Fabric cluster–Part I

Pam Lahoud

In this article from his blog, Premier Developer consultant Larry Wall discusses building an ARM template that configures auto-scaling on a virtual machine scale set (VMSS).

Like most people, whenever I need to build an ARM template to do something with Service Fabric, I’m browsing around Github or where ever else I can find the bits and pieces of JSON that I need.

I was recently working on a project where they needed 3 things:

  1. They wanted their Service Fabric cluster to use managed disks instead of Azure Storage accounts.
  2. They wanted to have auto-scaling setup for their virtual machine scale set (VMSS). In this case, we were using a CPU rule
  3. They had a stateless service where they wanted to register their service event source to output logging information in to the WADETWEventTable.

Continue reading on Larry’s blog here.


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