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Walkthroughs in the Windows Terminal Repository

Note: You can also watch a video version of this blog post on Open at Microsoft. Driving open-source contributions in large projects can be a challenge. As a new contributor, you might have a great idea for a new feature, or want to help fix a nagging bug, but you don't know where to start. Even with a small project, it can be difficult ...

4 Design Patterns to Deal with Large Item Sizes in Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL

Introduction  A recommended best practice in Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL is to avoid overly large item sizes. An Azure Cosmos DB item can represent either a document in a container, a row in a table, or a node or edge in a graph, depending on which API you use. Though the maximum size of an item allowed in Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL is 2 MB, it...

Using OpenAI REST Endpoints with Azure SQL Database

Everyone loves OpenAI these days as it can do some amazing things. Here, I asked it to create a picture of a cat in a data center: (Go ahead and click the image to see a bigger version of this nightmare fuel) Incredible!!!! But how can we use OpenAI in real world applications and scenarios with Azure SQL Database? Using OpenAI with ...

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