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Now in private preview: Cluster Key Index support for Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API

Join the private preview for cluster key index in Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API. To enable on your account contact the Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API team at Benefits of indexes on clustering keys  Cluster Key Index use cases  We will be creating a table, inserting sample data and running ...

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Cassandra API

DevOps Dojo – OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)

In the Dojo White Belt Master Class, the first session is OKR fundamentals. In this session, we answer these top 20 questions related to OKRs, then we ask participants to set their team OKRs for the rest of the class. Every day, each team checks their progress towards their committed OKRs and aspirational OKRs. On the ...

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DevOps Agile

The Microsoft Planetary Computer

Susan Leighton spotlights the Planetary Computer, combining a multi-petabyte catalog of global environmental data with intuitive APIs, a flexible scientific environment that allows users to answer global questions about that data, and applications that put those answers in the hands of conservation stakeholders. In Microsoft’s 2021 ...

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Planetary Computer

Serial and Zephyr support for Visual Studio and VS Code

We are continuing to improve our embedded development support in Visual Studio and VS Code. We have recently introduced a serial monitor and RTOS support for Zephyr. These capabilities are present in Visual Studio 17.3 Preview 1 as part of the Linux and embedded development workload. The Embedded Tools extension for VS Code also includes these...

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embedded IoT