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Budding love for compose animation

Hello Jetpack Compose developers, Last week, we did some Compose animation work to build a typing indicator in a chat app. For our next blog series, I’ll be diving into more animation topics with a project inspired by Nicole Terc’s Composable Sheep talk from droidcon NYC. Her composable sheep talk series inspired me to work on ...

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Surround selection experiment

You want to quickly select some text and surround it with quotation marks. So, you select your text and hit the quotation mark key on your keyboard, only to find that the selected text now has been replaced by a single “. What you hoped would happen was that the selected text would be surrounded by an opening and closing quotation mark like ...

PowerShellGet 3.0 Preview 21

We are excited to announce that an update to our preview of PowerShellGet 3.0 is now available on the PowerShell Gallery! How to Install PowerShellGet 3.0 Preview 21 Prerequisites Please ensure that you have the latest (non-prerelease) version of PowerShellGet and PackageManagement installed. To check the version you currently have ...

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PIX 2305.10: support for updated RenderPasses + misc other improvements

Today we released a new version of PIX on Windows: version 2305.10. It can be downloaded here: link.  This release includes support for the latest DirectX Agility SDK features, such as the updated RenderPasses and minor Vulkan compatibility features. The release also includes fixes for several bugs that were impacting PIX 2303.30. &...

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