How Microsoft empowers its developers to deliver at massive scale

Shifting accessibility left with Accessibility Insights

We believe that we can only solve the problem of inaccessible software by shifting accessibility left into the software design and development cycle. In this post, Mark Reay describes how our open-source offering, Accessibility Insights, can help.

Separating the signal from the noise

If a security tool catches a critical vulnerability, but also reports 99 other findings that turn out to be false positives, developers are going to ignore everything that the tool reports and then miss the important issues. Bryan Sullivan talks through how you can hone your tooling to separate the signal from the noise.

Welcome to the Engineering@Microsoft Blog

Microsoft has over 100,000 software engineers working on software projects of all sizes. Keeping those engineering teams productive while meeting their ever-increasing scale demands is a big challenge. Read about the One Engineering System (1ES) initiative in this inaugural post on the Engineering@Microsoft blog.