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Magnus Hedlund

Hello everyone and welcome to the Engineering@Microsoft blog! Microsoft has over 100,000 software engineers working on software projects of all sizes. Some projects have 1000s of engineers working in the same source repository, while others have 1000s of individual repositories. Keeping those engineering teams productive while meeting their ever-increasing scale demands is a big challenge, and that’s where the One Engineering System (1ES) initiative comes in.

The 1ES mission is to enable Microsoft teams with world-class tools and systems that help them ship products their customers love. Over the years, we’ve solved some challenging software engineering problems. We endeavor to make those solutions available directly in retail software that Microsoft creates (such as MSBuild), or publish them as open source when that is a great option (such as Accessibility Insights). And we constantly look into ways to drive culture change, for example as described in this paper.

Going forward, we will use this new blog to share our knowledge and techniques, as well as publicly available open-source tools that our team has created to meet our small and large scale engineering system challenges. Stay tuned for more blog posts on automated tools for verifying accessible user interfaces, tremendously high scale CI/CD solutions used by the largest codebases at Microsoft such as Office and Windows, engineering security tools and compliance solutions that work at scale across 1000s of repos, and more! To start, here’s a quick video we put together on the 1ES DevOps Story. We’ll post more in the near future.

Want to come work with us? Check out https://aka.ms/1esjobs for open positions.


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