Jacques van Rhyn

Program Manager, Graphics

Program Manager on the Graphics Team at Microsoft.

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We’re upgrading to discord!

We’re upgrading the directxtech.com forum to a Discord channel - go to https://discord.gg/directx to join today! We’re going to use our Discord channel in the same way as our directxtech.com forums, which means that game developers will still have a great resource to get their DirectX12 questions answered, file bug reports, and to give ...
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DirectX 12 boosts performance of HITMAN 2

Our partners at IO Interactive, the developers of the award-winning HITMAN franchise, recently added DirectX 12 support to HITMAN 2, with impressive results.  IO Interactive was so excited that they wanted to share a bit about how their innovative use of DirectX 12 benefits HITMAN gamers everywhere. The guest post below is from IO ...

Variable Rate Shading: a scalpel in a world of sledgehammers

One of the sides in the picture below is 14% faster when rendered on the same hardware, thanks to a new graphics feature available only on DirectX 12. Can you spot a difference in rendering quality? Neither can we.  Which is why we’re very excited to announce that DirectX 12 is the first graphics API to offer broad hardware support ...