New Personal Access Token Lifecycle APIs in private preview

Angel Wong


Update (April 16, 2021): The Personal Access Token Lifecycle API is now publicly available. See our updated blog post!

We’re happy to announce the release of our new APIs to manage the lifecycle of Personal Access Tokens (PATs) on Azure DevOps. This rich set of APIs enable your team with the ability to better manage the PATs they own, offering them new functionality, such as creating new personal access tokens with a desired scope and duration, renewing existing personal access tokens, or expiring existing personal access tokens.

Today, the main way for you to manage their PAT tokens is through the UI or by using a limited set of APIs intended only for Project Collection Administrators. This new API unlocks the ability for organizations to set up automation involving PAT tokens, including setting up build pipelines or interacting with work items.

With this, regular maintenance and rotation of PAT tokens will be much simpler. We know this has been a major challenge for your teams and we’re so excited to help alleviate some of that overload with this new API!

What new abilities are included with this API?

  • Create a Personal Access Token (PAT)
  • List the metadata of a given PAT
  • List the metadata of all PATs for a given user
  • Revoke a given PAT
  • Update metadata of a given PAT

Sounds great! How can I sign up?

The PAT Lifecycle Management API is now available for organizations to use in private preview.

To get access to the API and documentation, please reach out to us with your use case and your Azure DevOps organization. We appreciate any feedback you can offer on how this API has helped your organization or can be further improved to meet your needs!


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