AzureFunBytes – Dapr on Azure

Jay Gordon

AzureFunBytes – Dapr on Azure

Each week on AzureFunBytes, we dive into the tools and products that make up the foundations of using Azure. This week we dive into microservices and how our distributed applications can thrive on Azure. One tool that really helps drive productivity and helps developers build reliable and resilient applications is Dapr.

Dapr is an open-source, portable, event-driven runtime that reduces the overhead in creating distributed microservices in the cloud. Dapr helps provide you with options to create microservices using any language, with any framework, on any platform. Dapr will help codify best practices for your distributed services infrastructure without requiring you to be an expert on cloud-native architecture.

To help me through this, I will be working with Mark Fussell, one of the product leaders on the Dapr project.

Mark provides me some details on the latest release of Dapr v1.0.0-rc.3, and the new features that come along with it.

Along with hearing about Dapr’s new features, we get into the weeds on how exactly Dapr can be installed, used locally, then finally in the cloud.

You can try out the Dapr quickstarts right here to begin your own personal journey into Microservices on Azure.

Learn about Azure fundamentals with me!

Live stream is available on Twitch at 2 pm EST Thursday. You can also find the recordings here as well:

Join me, ask questions, and learn about Azure!

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