Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2021.02.12

Steven Murawski

Happy Friday! (Well, maybe a bit later than Friday – my fault for not double-checking the publishing time). This week, we have a variety of topics, including how to use Azure DevOps with some experiences you may not expect!

Reasons to use Bicep over Terraform
We share a good bit about Terraform on this blog (because it’s an awesome tool), but there can be trade-offs. Marcus walks us through some of the tradeoffs versus a new DSL for Azure Resource Manager called Bicep.

Automate your Power BI reports deployment using Azure DevOps
Ivan shows us how to deploy our PowerBI reports with Azure DevOps – yep, you can use CI/CD to deploy your reports!

Azure DevOps Pipelines Caching
Antti explores how Pipelines Caching works and contrasts it to other options.

How we save ~ 1 hour per day by automating Jira releases from our Azure DevOps pipeline
Integrating Azure DevOps tools into your workflow can be a time saver. Darragh demonstrates how his team uses Azure Pipelines to update Jira automatically.

Build a simple and extensible multi-stage Azure DevOps pipeline with YAML and Powershell for Microsoft Dataverse solutions.
Who says that the Power Platform shouldn’t have CI/CD? Aymeric gives us a great example of deployment pipelines for Microsoft Dataverse (the shared data service for Power Apps).

If you’ve written an article about Azure DevOps or find some great content about DevOps on Azure, please share it with the #AzureDevOps hashtag on Twitter!

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