AzureFunBytes – DevOps on Azure with Donovan Brown

Jay Gordon

“DevOps is the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users.” – Donovan Brown.

You can improve your application’s release velocity, drive better communication within your team, and drive value for your customers by utilizing many of the concepts of DevOps.

In this stream, Donovan Brown joins me to discuss the different methods of implementing DevOps on Microsoft Azure. We take a walk together through different workflows with GitHub Actions, Azure Web App Service, and more. Donovan helps me “rub some DevOps” on some deployment targets we’ll spin up to ensure repeatable, reliable releases.

GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions helps you automate your software development workflows from within GitHub. You can deploy workflows in the same place where you store code and collaborate on pull requests and issues. a In GitHub Actions, a workflow is an automated process that you set up in your GitHub repository. You can build, test, package, release, or deploy any project on GitHub with a workflow.

Each workflow is made up of individual actions that run after a specific event (like a pull request) occur. The individual actions are packaged scripts that automate software development tasks.

With GitHub Actions for Azure, you can create workflows that you can set up in your repository to build, test, package, release, and deploy to Azure. GitHub Actions for Azure supports Azure services, including Azure App Service, Azure Functions, and Azure Key Vault.

GitHub Actions also include support for utilities, including Azure Resource Manager templates, Azure CLI, and Azure Policy.


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Live stream is available on Twitch at 2 pm EST Thursday.

Join me, ask questions, and learn about Azure!

You can also find the recordings:

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