What’s new with IncrediBuild and Visual Studio 2017

Ankit Asthana

As a part of Visual Studio 2015 release, we introduced a partnership between IncrediBuild and Visual Studio. This partnership allowed developers to install IncrediBuild from the Build Accelerator menu and benefit from a few key build acceleration features free of charge.

Based upon the feedback we have heard, with Visual Studio 2017, we have made some changes to this experience which are as follows.

Install IncrediBuild from the Visual Studio Installer

Once you have downloaded the Visual Studio 2017 installer, IncrediBuild is presented as an optional component for C++ workloads namely ‘Desktop development with C++’, ‘Mobile development with C++’ and ‘Game development with C++’.

The figure below depicts the IncrediBuild optional component presented as part of the ‘Desktop Development with C++ workload’.


To install IncrediBuild just check the IncrediBuild optional component and then just wait and watch.

It should not take too long for the installation to complete and once it has been completed you can go ahead and build your first C++ application with IncrediBuild and Visual Studio 2017.

Increased Parallelization for your builds

Another change we have made with Visual Studio 2017 release is that the IncrediBuild build engine will now parallelize your build for up to 16 cores vs. the 8 cores limit in Visual Studio 2015 at no additional cost This would help further improve your build time when using IncrediBuild with Visual Studio 2017.

Tell us what you think

Download Visual Studio 2017, try out the IncrediBuild Visual Studio integration, and let us know what you think. You can report problems by clicking the user feedback icon next to Quick Launch in the title bar and then selecting . Track your feedback on the developer community portal. For suggestions, let us know through User Voice. We look forward to hearing from you!


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