Friday Miscellany #2

Eric Battalio

We recently requested feedback on native debugging ( and your C++ build experience ( These surveys are still open, but I wanted to share some of the written feedback we have received:

  • “Listen to the community, solve bugs from Connect. :p”
  • “Performance Open C++ solution with 500 projects takes forever”
  • “Over half of my users are still on XP, please never forget them”
  • “I’m OK with all the changes in 2012 except the toolbar icons.” There are a number of comments about the UI, favorable and not so much.
  • “Keep pounding on C++ conformance.” We got a few like this as well.
  • “I would be ecstatic to have reversible debugging support in C++, even if it had lots of restrictions and massively slowed things down when enabled.”
  • “LNK 1000 gets annoying when you get it regularly”
  • “Also the profiler right now is good at finding pieces of code that are slow on average, but not so good at finding spikes that occur infrequently. Spikes are also very important to find in real-time applications.”
  • “Property sheets have come in real handy for augmenting the build process. We use them beyond what can be done in the UI…”
  • “it would be nice if there were a way I could go to /Wall only without all the warnings from the Windows SDK headers dragged in”
  • “C++/CLR FTW!”
  • “Very good that you are using surveys!” We appreciate your time and thoughtful answers. Thank you!

Look to future posts to share more about each of these surveys.

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