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Product manager on the Microsoft C++ team, currently working on vcpkg.

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AddressSanitizer (ASan) for Windows with MSVC

⌚ This post was last updated on March 24th, 2021 with the latest information on ASan support. Note: This feature is now generally available. To get started, take a look at the official AddressSanitizer for Windows with MSVC documentation. Many experience improvements have been made since this blog post was published, and our docs have the...

C++ Productivity Improvements in Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2

Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2 contains a host of productivity features, including some new quick fixes and code navigation improvements: The Quick Actions menu can be used to select the quick fixes referenced below. You can hover over a squiggle and click the lightbulb that appears or open the menu with ...

New Start Window and New Project Dialog Experience in Visual Studio 2019

Two features available in Visual Studio 2019 Preview 1 for C++ developers are the start window and a revamped new project dialog. The start window moves the core features from the Visual Studio Start Page, which normally appeared in the editor space when Visual Studio is launched, out into a separate window that appears before the IDE launches. The window includes five main sections: Open recent, Clone or checkout code, Open a project or solution, Open a local folder, Create a new project. It is also possible to continue past the window without opening any code by choosing “Continue without code”. Let’s dig into the features of the start window.

Convert Macros to Constexpr

Visual Studio 2017 version 15.8 is currently available in preview. Today, Preview 3 has been released, and it comes with several features that improve the developer productivity experience. One key theme in 15.8 is code modernization, and macros are a key target for that. In 15.8 Preview 1, we announced the ability to expand macros in Quick ...
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Macro Expansions in Quick Info Tooltips

With Visual Studio, we're always looking for ways to save developers time and make them more productive. A good way to do this is to look at C/C++ language features that are difficult to work with, and make it easier to understand them. Today, we're looking at macros. Macros are always a pain to deal with, yet they are one of those things that...

ClangFormat Support in Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio 2017 15.7 Preview 1 comes with built-in ClangFormat support for C++ developers. Specifically, we ship version 5.0 of the clang-format.exe. ClangFormat is a utility that makes it easy to style and format your code based on a set of rules that can be configured in a .clang-format or _clang-format file. This file should be present ...

Visual Studio Build Tools now include the VS2017 and VS2015 MSVC Toolsets

点这里看中文版 The Visual C++ Build tools have been a huge success since we introduced them two years ago. The C++ Build Tools were originally released as a standalone installer that only laid down the tools required to build C++ projects without installing the Visual Studio IDE. Many developers have found them useful in environments...
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Visual Studio 15.5 Preview 1 Productivity Improvements: Structure Visualizer, Ctrl + Click Go to Definition, Faster Find All References, and More

点这里看中文版 Visual Studio 2017 Update 15.5 Preview 1 brings you a number of productivity and performance improvements that will save you time as a C++ developer. For this release, we brought two features from the Productivity Power Tools extension inside the product: the Structure Visualizer, and Ctrl + Click to Go To Definition. In...
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Changes to Project Templates and Code Wizards in 15.3

Visual Studio 2017 Update 15.3 is a major release with many different improvements coming to the product. You can learn more about these changes in the 15.3 Release Notes. One aspect I want to highlight in this blog post pertains to changes made to the C++ templates in File > New Project and code wizards. We made these changes to account ...
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C++ Unit Testing Updates: Announcing Boost.Test Adapter and Improved Google Test Support

Back in May, the C++ team announced the Test Adapter for Google Test – a Visual Studio extension that allows you to run and manage your Google Test-based unit tests directly in Visual Studio. You can do this using the Test Explorer window, and, if you’re a Visual Studio Enterprise user, you can run a code coverage analysis to check for ...
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