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Wildcard indexes in Azure Cosmos DB’s API for MongoDB

With our latest service update, you can now create wildcard indexes in accounts that use Azure Cosmos DB’s API for MongoDB. Wildcard indexes are a popular feature in MongoDB 4.2 that allow you to index many properties without enumerating each one.

New string function performance improvements and case-insensitive search

Azure Cosmos DB now supports case-insensitive Contains, StartsWith, EndsWith, and StringEquals. Additionally, both Contains and EndsWith have had significant performance improvements. You can now store string data in Azure Cosmos DB without having to worry about matching the case in the query.

Using spatial geometry data in Azure Cosmos DB

Support for two different types of spatial data has been added to Azure Cosmos DB. Using the SQL (Core) API: geography data (round-earth coordinate system), and two-dimensional geometry data.

April query updates in Azure Cosmos DB

We are constantly adding new query and indexing features to Azure Cosmos DB. This blog outlines a few recent query and indexing improvements for aggregates, inequality filters, and dates and time system functions. This blog covers updates during the first four months of 2020.

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