Using Zapier to email work items to my backlog in VSTS

Buck Hodges

I use the board view of the backlog in my VS Team Services personal account to keep track of my work. I’ve wanted to be able to email a work item to my backlog, and today I finally got around to doing it. It was really easy thanks to our Zapier integration.

I signed up for Zapier using the link on the Marketplace page, and that was great because after signing up it took me to a page where email integration was the first page.


From there I just needed to tell Zapier my account name.


I authorized Zapier to access my account.


Finally, I had to pick the team project and type of work item. When you click on the drop down arrow, you can pick those from the lists Zapier gets from your account. The advanced options gives you the ability to set area path, iteration, and priority, but I didn’t need to change those.


Along the way you create a custom email address (sorry, not including that here :-). Every email to that address results in a new PBI on my board with the subject as text on the card (I generally don’t use the description).

That’s all there was to it. I wish I had done this sooner.


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