Using an ASP.NET TFS data source

Buck Hodges

Kannan Sundararajan has written a couple of posts on how to use TFS as an ASP.NET data source.  If you are interested in displaying TFS data in ASP.NET-driven web pages, you’ll want to check it out.

First he shows you how to build the data source and gives you the code that you need to build the dll.

TFS Data Source ASP.NET Control

While learning ASP.NET for developing the RTE for MSDN Forums I had to interact with multiple teams and provide them with status reports on the work items. Some of them were not using TFS yet for that code base. So I wanted a way to easily write a TFS report, send the url to all these teams.

Given my earlier TFS background and the capabilities I learnt exist in ASP world thought why not leverage these two and thus began this exercise to write a TFS Data Source ASP.NET control which I can drop into any ASP.NET web page, bind it to any existing ASP.NET controls to create a simple TFS report.


Then he shows you what you can do with it and walks you through the steps of building a web page that uses the data source from the previous post.

TFS Reporting Simplified

In my last post we saw how to write a TFS Data Source Component. In this one I will explain how to use them to generate a TFS report like the one below leveraging existing ASP.NET controls.



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