Guidance for Structuring Team Projects in TFS 2005

Buck Hodges

Brian Keller points out that Doug Neumann’s Guidance for Structuring Team Projects is now available on the Microsoft Team Foundation Server Branching Guidance CodePlex project.

Guidance for Structuring Team Projects

Doug NeumannMicrosoft Corporation


One of the most important considerations when looking to deploy Team Foundation Server within your organization is how you will employ the “Team Project” concept. It can be very tempting to jump in and immediately start creating Team Projects to satisfy every whim of the users in your organization. However, restructuring existing team projects is difficult to accomplish, so establishing a strategy for using team projects up front is very important. Careful forethought now can save you much pain down the road.

This whitepaper provides details on the components of a team project and discusses how those components may impact your decision about structuring your team projects. It also lays out a set of common strategies for employing team projects. Understanding this base of knowledge should empower you to make the best decision on how your organization will use team projects with Team Foundation Server (TFS).


Keep in mind that while the overall concepts will apply to both TFS 2005 and Orcas, some of the details on how to accomplish things will change in some areas, and Team Build in particular.  For example, the part that talks about Team Build Types points to a blog post on how to force Team Build into building code that spans team projects.  In Orcas, that workaround is not needed.  You just create whatever workspace mappings you need for your build in the new build definition dialog.

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