Two good posts: Building projects with shared code and using Web Application Projects (WAP)

Buck Hodges

Last week, the folks at Vertigo Software wrote a couple of really good posts involving Team Build.

The first one, written by Jeff Atwood, is about building projects that have code shared from a different team project.  The crux of the problem is that in v1 Team Build doesn’t allow mappings in the Workspace.xml file to span team projects.  Jeff takes Manish Agarwal’s solution for builds requiring files from more than one team project and lays out a solution for dealing with VS projects that include code from other team projects.

How do I build a Team Project with shared code?

One question that comes up a lot in Team System deployments is “how do I share code across team projects”? The easiest way to accomplish this is to set up a Team Project specifically for common, shared code. Here’s a simple example of this scenario.

We have one Team Project for ClientApp, and a second Team Project for CommonUtils. ClientApp is a console application that references CommonUtils.

The second one, written by Eric Cherng, is about using the new Web Application Projects with Team Build.  His post explains what you need to download and a crucial step involving placing the WAP msbuild targets file on the build machine.

Web Application Projects in Team System

While investigating a problem we were having internally with web application solutions in Visual Studio 2005 and Team Build server, I came upon the Web Application Project type for Visual Studio 2005. Wow, wish I found out about this one sooner and it was actually part of Visual Studio 2005! The new built in web application project in Visual Studio 2005 is ok, but it sure has a lot of quirkiness that makes it more troublesome than beneficial in my experience.

After playing around with the new Web Application Project (WAP from now on.. no not that WAP!) for a while, I discovered a couple of tips that might help others out there.


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