SharePoint lists in Outlook 2007 are awesome

Buck Hodges

If you use Outlook 2007 and SharePoint, you really need to read this.  I’ve been using this feature for the last couple of weeks.  It syncs the documents into Outlook so they are available offline, you can search them, and you can edit and upload when you get back online.  It’s really slick.  Read the post.

SharePoint and Outlook – The Perfect Link

Outlook 2003 introduced integration with SharePoint, allowing you to see some SharePoint information (like calendars) in Outlook alongside your personal information. In Outlook 2007, we made this a whole lot better.

Here we’ll focus on the new Document Library syncing capability that allows you to easily access, preview, search, and edit your SharePoint document libraries in Outlook.


Now if they would just give me the ability to sync my OneNote notebook through Outlook, I’d be all set!  Right now, I still use the feature where you can drop documents into Outlook and edit them anywhere.  I can’t get to my shared OneNote notebook when I’m not on the corporate network.  They could call the feature OneNoteOut (or maybe OffNote).

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