Customizing Team Foundation Server Project Portals

Buck Hodges

Phil Hodgson, a developers on TFS, published a new whitepaper that explains how to customize and get the most out of your dashboards in TFS 2010.  Check it out!

Customizing Team Foundation Server Project Portals

Phil Hodgson, Microsoft Corporation

May 2010

This article describes important concepts about project portals for Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team Foundation Server 2010 and provides guidance for process authors who customize process templates used to create project portals for team projects.

Team Foundation Server supports project portals that are matched to the out-of-the-box process templates. Process templates are designed to be customized to a team’s or organization’s specific needs. Similarly Team Foundation Server project portals can be customized to provision custom content or features to the portal site. Examples of customizations that may be considered are:

  • Changing the dashboards provisioned including adding new dashboards

  • Adding new Excel workbooks

  • Changing the Web Parts (or Web Part properties) on standard dashboards

  • Changing the visual appearance of the portal site

  • Activating custom SharePoint Features

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