VS Team Services Update – Nov 28

Brian Harry

This week we are deploying our sprint 109 payload.  You can read the release notes for details. There’s a few things I’m particularly excited about. Build task versioning – We had a live site incident a few months ago because we rolled out an update to a build task on our hosted pools and it broke pretty much everyone’s builds.  That caused me to go dig in a bit to understand how we were managing validation and rollout of build tasks.  What I learned is that we really just didn’t have a sufficient mechanism to manage this.  With this deployment, we are rolling out a new build task versioning capability that enables an author to rollout a new version of their task without affecting people currently using their task.  Specifically, we introduced the notion of major and minor versions of tasks.  You can lock your build definition to a major version.  An author can create a new major version without affecting existing builds.  Build definitions can be updated to the new major version when ready to test it.  You cannot currently disable minor version updates.  The primary reason is we want, for instance, a way to forcibly push security fixes, etc.  We’re still exploring options for further lock down for very controlled environments. Following a pull request – We added following work items a while back and now we have following pull requests.  I’ve found that to be an awesome way to track a PR conversation. Linux hosted build pool – I’m really excited to be providing 1st class Linux support – including Docker. As I mentioned last time, this is our last deployment for 2016.  This deployment should finish up by Dec 2nd.  We will skip the sprint 110 deployment (because it would run into Christmas) and pick back up with the 111 deployment in mid January. Thanks, Brian  


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