Translating Team System Web Access to your langauge

Brian Harry

We have gotten some requests for translations of Team System Web Access into additional languages (beyond the 9 we already do).  I am speculating that the additional interest here comes from the fact that TSWA targets a broader audience beyond the core development team and as such translations are even more valuable than for Visual Studio itself. We aren’t set up to create and test these translations, however, we would like to satisfy the demand.  Fortunately, translating TSWA is not a massive undertaking.  In all, it only involves translating a few hundred strings.  For our own localization effort, we have already separated these strings into separate .resx files that are compiled into satellite assemblies.  In short this means that if we give out the .resx files and a relatively short instructional document, it should be reasonably straight forward for you to localize TSWA into any language you choose. I’d also like to make it possible for you to contribute your translations back to the community for others to use if you choose to do so. Our thinking is that we will create a CodePlex project for TSWA translations.  We will upload all of the .resx files for the 9 languages we currently support and a document explaining how to create and install translations.  You can download the files, translate, build, install, test, and use them.  If you choose to contribute your translations back to the community, we will provide a way for you to request contributor rights to the CodePlex project and you will be able to upload your translation to CodePlex for others to download. We’re still working through the plans but this is the rough idea.  I expect it will take a few weeks to get this all set up – we’re still working out the schedule so I’m not sure but I don’t think it’s going to take a long time. I hope this will be helpful to you.  If you have any thoughts and/or comments, I’d love to hear them.  Keep an eye on my blog for further announcements as we get this ready.



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