TFS 2017 Update 1 RC available

Brian Harry

Today we released the Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 1 Release Candidate.

This release can be used for a fresh install or to upgrade any supported previous version.  Here’s a chart showing the recommended upgrade paths from various TFS versions (you can substitute TFS 2017.1 in the rightmost column).  The upgrade from any of the more recent versions should be smooth but upgrades from 2017 should be particularly easy. upgrades This is a “go-live” release and can be used in production environments, will support upgrades to RTM and you can get support.  This release is English only.  We’ll provide the localized versions at RTM. You can read the release notes for all the improvements (and it’s a crazy long list) but here are a few of my favorite highlights:

  • New personalized account home page
  • Tons of pull request improvements
  • NPM support in package management
  • Test impact analysis
  • Versioning for build and release tasks
  • and more…

We’re looking forward to any feedback you have.  [At this point the feature set should be complete and we’re just refining it.] -> *** UPDATE 1/25 ***: Hmm, I had a brain fart.  I’m sorry.  It turns out one more sprint worth of features will be going into Update 1.  Sprint 112 will be the last features making it and those features will be deployed to Team Services starting this week,  We should be starting to lock this release down in the next few weeks and will ship it as soon as it is ready. Thanks, Brian  


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