VS Team Services Update – Jan 25

Brian Harry

We have begun the process of deploying our sprint 112 work into production.  You will see the improvements show up in your account over the next week.  You can read the release notes for all the details in this deployment. A few things worth highlighting… This provides your first peek at our new Enterprise Agile “Delivery Plans” feature.  To get it, you actually need to go to the marketplace and install it into your account.  This feature is designed to enable you to look across teams and see how work is aligned.  This is still a very early preview and we have lots of plans to continue to evolve it but there’s enough functionality there for you to try it and start giving feedback. deliveryplan The mobile work item forms that I first demoed in my session at Connect(); in November are now available in the service.  If you just click on a link to a work item from any notification email on a phone, you’ll get the new mobile web view.  It’s a tremendously better experience.  We have some work to finish optimizing work items but we have lots of other work on the backlog – like mobile pull requests views, etc. mobileform We broke up the “administer” permission on Git repos into finer grained permissions.  I call this out because it’s been a common request – and one made in a comment on my last post.  Among other things, you can now give people permissions to create repos without giving them full administrative control over repos. There’s plenty of other nice improvements too… Much of this (though not all) will make it into the TFS 2017 Update 1 release.  We’ll be clear about what made it when we publish the release notes for RC2. I hope you enjoy the update! Thanks, Brian


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