Some Cool Posts

Brian Harry

I’ve seen some cool posts on our product over the past few days that I wanted to bring to your attention.

I also wanted to mention that this weekend is a big weekend for us.  This is the weekend that we upgrade the DevDiv TFS server to an Orcas build.  We’ve spent the last month preparing for it – testing, perf testing, load testing, stress testing, running trial upgrades, ad-hoc testing of upgraded copies of the production data, and more…  It’s taken a lot of prep work and I’m holding my breath waiting to see how it goes.  The database is over 2 terrabytes now so just about anything takes quite a while to do (backups, for example, are about 7 hours now). Once the system is back up and running and we’ve been able to collect a solid weeks worth of data on the operation of the server, I’ll publish my March Dogfood statistics update and talk about the changes that we see.  I’m really excited about it and can’t wait to try out the upgraded server.  This is a key step for our team in our progression towards our Beta 1 release.  We want to make sure we get any fixes we find in our internal production environment in before we ship Beta 1. Until next week…



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