Visual Studio SP1 Refresh Releases!

Brian Harry


Yesterday we released VS 2005 SP1 refresh (this is what we have, in the past, called the Vista GDR).  Primarily it is a set of bug fixes to make VS 2005 work really well on Vista.  You can read more about it here:
And you can download it here:

I don’t know if we plan to “officially” publish the bug fix list but here’s a copy that I’ve scrubbed for you.  You can see that it actually wasn’t that many bugs in all:

ASP.NETVista: Bad error message on New Website and Open Website under default installation of IIS on Vista
ASP.NETOn Vista: F5 or CTRL+F5 in website doesn’t launch IE with proper URL
ASP.NETVISTA: ASP.Net v2.0:Permission issue on App_Data folder…
ASP.NETVista: Opening WAP project non-elevated that is configured for IIS silently fails to create misc files project
ASP.NETVista: Localhost tab of Open Website does not indicate that IIS metabase needs to be installed.
ASP.NETJMC stepping in ASP.NET: we stop at the Page directive on Vista
DebuggerVista: Just-In-Time debugging IE causes IE to hang
DebuggerVista: Can’t debug managed ActiveX controls because the module path is wrong
DebuggerFeedback # 122500 NOT! fixed in SP1 beta — still can’t display XMM registers in debugger
Debuggermsvsmon fails to configure the firewall in Vista
Debuggermswebproj launches IE against about(blank) during profiler launch
DebuggerVS GDR Regression: wrong module name while XSLT debugging
DebuggerVSonVista GDR does not patch registry for JIT dialog bug VSWhidbey 602065
SDKWhidbey Quickstarts: Configsamples not installing on Vista
TeamArchTreegrid control columns are unavilable in accessibility hierarchy in Vista
TeamArchWhitehorse designer has perf regression on Vista with Aero on
TeamDevvsperfcmd -status crashes on Vista
TeamDevSampling from the UI crashes the target application on Vista
TeamDevProfiling under UAC fails because user does not have permission to create global objects
TeamDevService/ASPNet sampling not supported on Vista
TeamDevCannot collect code coverage data across session (ie services/ASPNet)
TeamDevvsperfreport generates ‘Warning VSP2345: Unable to read ETW files.’ on vista
TeamDevWe aren’t marking code coverage binaries as 32bit only on Vista causing them to crash on wow64
TeamDevmswebproj launches IE against about(blank) during profiler launch
TeamDevIIS Profiling broken on Vista
TeamTestASP.Net Unit tests need workaround to work with VISTA and IIS installed
VBVisual Studio 2005 Unresponsive or Slow in DataSet Designer
VSCOREVista: Devenv crashes when trying to delete a menuItem that has submenus
VSCORESysFreeString called on non-BSTR data in CVsDirFolderNode::~CVsDirFolderNode
VSCOREVSHost not picking up native a
pp manifest on Vista machines
VSCOREModify normal user warning dialog to remove text
VSCOREC# Express SKU creates registry entries pointing at its data folder, but they are invalid
VSCOREVista GDR: intellisense/autocomplete in Command Window is displayed right aligned
VSCOREVS-on-Vista startup dialog for VS should be AppID-specific
VSCORELUA: the users is not informed that the following devenv command-line switches require elevated permissions: /setup, /installvstemplates, /associatefiles
VSTOCrashes  in Word when trying to close the designer, solution or VS when there’s a component on the component tray
VSTOVS crashes when Build pre-created VSTO Outlook Addins
VSTORunning Office elevated fails to load add-ins, because Vista then only looks in HKLM

As you’ll observe, we didn’t find any significant TFS issues on Vista – so there are no TFS bug fixes in this release. 

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