Requests for access to VS 2010 post Beta 2 SLCTP builds

Brian Harry

Since I posted my offer to hook you up with one of the Super-Limited Community Technology Preview builds, I have received a number of requests.  I’m happy to do it but I want to clarify one thing.  A few people seem to have the assumption that the build will be more stable than Beta 2 and therefore a great upgrade for their daily use.  It’s possible, but it’s not likely.  That’s not why we are distributing them.  We are distributing them so that people can test if specific issues that they reported in Beta 2 (particularly performance) have been addressed for them. When we ship a Beta, we go through a multi-week stabilization period designed to gradually improve the quality by reducing the churn and fixing/avoiding regressions.  The SLCTP builds have no such period.  They are just daily builds that have passed the nightly verification tests.  That means they should mostly work but there could be very bad regressions lurking that haven’t been discovered yet.  We get hundreds of checkins every day and any one of them could introduce a serious but not immediately obvious regression. If you tried Beta 2 and you experienced (and hopefully reported) a specific issue and you want to verify that the issue is gone (and are prepared to re-report it if it is not), then an SLCTP build might be for you.  If you are hoping for a new build that will just overall improve your development experience over Beta 2, the SLCTPs are not for you.  We are working on a plan to provide another more broadly available better stabilized pre-release VS 2010 build.  That will be your best shot at an overall better experience. We greatly appreciate your help in tracking down the remaining issues so that we can ship a great product!



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