Next Generation Testing with Visual Studio 2010

Brian Harry


Join us for a sneak peek at some of the new capabilities in Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010, a landmark release of the premier development and testing toolset for Windows®, Web, and cloud development. Microsoft has made significant investments to improve the testing/QA tools in Visual Studio 2010. The Next Generation Testing Event is your exclusive opportunity to experience the incredible power and capabilities these new tools bring to the QA and testing process. At this event, you’ll get a comprehensive overview, as well as a deep dive, into the range of new tools and how they can enable you to improve the way you develop and test software on the Microsoft platform. This will be an invaluable opportunity to learn how to take software development to the next level with the new testing features in Visual Studio 2010.

EVENT AGENDA:                                              

  • Registration, Welcome, Refreshments – 30 min.               
  • The QA Challenge – 30 min.         
  • Taking Testing to a New Level – 3 hours
  • Making It Real – 30 min.                
  • Prize Drawing – 15 min.
  • Please feel free to forward to a co-worker you think would
  • benefit from attending this event.                          


  • Software testers
  • QA professionals
  • Developers     


Register for a date and location near you!  Follow the appropriate registration link below OR call (877) 673-8368 and reference the event ID.        

DateLocationTimeEvent ID & Registration Link
3/2/2010Memphis5:30-8:30pm Central Time1032441935
3/2/2010Dallas12:00-5:00pm Central Time1032441937
3/3/2010Nashville5:30-8:30pm Central Time1032441936
3/3/2010Houston12:00-5:00pm Central Time1032441938
3/4/2010Cincinnati5:30-8:30pm Eastern Time1032441934
3/12/2010Bloomington12:00-5:00pm Central Time1032442187
3/12/2010Southfield12:00-5:00pm Eastern Time1032441932
3/15/2010Milwaukee12:00-5:00pm Central Time1032441929
3/15/2010St. Louis12:00-5:00pm Central Time1032441930
3/15/2010Columbus5:30-8:30pm Eastern Time1032442186
3/16/2010Kansas City12:00-5:00pm Central Time1032441931
3/16/2010Cleveland12:00-5:00pm Eastern Time1032441933
3/18/2010Indianapolis12:00-5:00pm Eastern Time1032441928
4/13/2010Chicago12:00-5:00pm Central Time1032442250


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