New Orcas specs published

Brian Harry

Today we published a bunch of new Orcas specs.  There are new/updated VS specs and 3 new (and 1 updated) TFS specs. Folder Diff – The spec for the productized version of the TreeDiff PowerToy feature.  Check it out and see the improvements we’re making. Large Group Sync – A somewhat obtuse feature to improve the behavior when people add 10’s of thousands or 100’s of thousands of users to TFS.  This happens sometimes when someone from a fortune 500 add some group of everyone in the company.  It used to take forever and if the list was big enough would wedge your server and make you call CSS.  It’s greatly improved in Orcas.  In TFS 2005, don’t do that :). Continuous Integration – Perhaps the most exciting improvements coming in Orcas are the ones we’ve made to TFS Build, including out of the box support for continuous integration.  This “spec” gives you an idea of what we are thinking the user experience will be. We’ve got quite a few more TFS specs on the way.  My goal is to publish another spec or two every couple of weeks.  The holidays threw a bit of a wrench in things in December but I’m hoping to get on that cadence.  As always, we’re eager to hear what you think. Thanks,




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