Kicking myself

Brian Harry

I kind of checked out of the blogosphere just before the holidays and haven’t resurfaced.  I feel bad about it.  I will say I had a good holiday.  I took a full 2 1/2 weeks off and did pretty much nothing but farm work.  It was a great vacation.  It’s the longest I’ve been away from work in a very long time. When I got back in January, things were busy.  we’re now updating the hosted service weekly with “major” updates every 3-4 weeks.  Plus we’re busy locking down to ship VS11/TFS 11 Beta.  Plus it’s performance review season and on and on.  I won’t bore you to death.  It’s just been busy and blogging has suffered.  I’ve queued up quite a few topics to talk about in the mean time so hopefully I can get through several things in the next couple of weeks.



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