Growing TFS databases

Brian Harry

I’ve seen a few reports lately of TFS customers whose databases were growing very rapidly.  After investigation, it has often turned out to be that they were uploading a lot of large attachments to TFS as part of their testing process and then not cleaning them up when they were no longer needed.  Our testing tools can upload screenshots, videos, Intellitrace logs, etc. and they can add up.  Unfortunately, we don’t give you great tools today for examining your TFS disk space or managing it.  It’s something that’s rising on my priority list. Grant Holiday recently did a blog post where he shared the analysis he did on one of our servers and provides the SQL scripts so you can do the same: He also mentions the “test attachment cleaner” which is a tool we produced to help manage your test attachments in a semi-automatic way.  It’s a good start at the problem but we’ve clearly got work to do too.



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