Bug fixes in TFS SP1

Brian Harry

Well, I’m going to try to beat a new path here.  We’re trying to be more transparent about what we are doing, when we are doing it and why we are doing it.  The downside of that can be that we go to far and get beaten over the head with the information we provide 🙂 Historically, we (DevDiv) haven’t released detailed information about what bugs we fix in various releases.  At some level it’s one of those things that has been around long enough people don’t even wonder why any more.  I can speculate that it’s partially because it’s too much work to pull the information together.  I’m sure there’s a little bit of fear of the “How could you have possibly shipped with that bug” or “… that many bugs” response.  It’s hard to put bugs in perspective and it’s hard to explain in a reasonable way and without a lot of effort all of the conditions that must be in place before a bug is hit. Well, I’m going to put my head in the noose.  I guess you can kick the stool out from under might feet if you like 🙂 I don’t have the bandwidth to document a good customer consumable description of each bug.  This list is taken from the titles and areas of the work items in our TFS dogfood server.  Not all of them are bugs – some are features.  And not all of them matter to you – some are internal infrastructure issues or issues fixed in the SP patching process, regressions introduced by other fixes, etc.  I hope the titles are good enough to give you a flavor of what we have done. One acronym worth understanding is DTS. It stands for “Days To Solution” and represents a bug reported by a customer (either externally or a user of our internal dogfood servers).  The term “Days To Solution” comes from the fact that we track how many days it take to resolve the customer’s issue.  


  • DTS: VSSConverter is not migrating shared files properly on German and France builds

Office integration

  • Excel 12 spreadsheets support 16K columns and around a million rows, but we only allow the user to create lists inside of the Excel 11 supported range (255 columns, 65K rows)
  • Excel12: Deleting a work item row as validation not working for below work items
  • Project 12: Formats Resource Names field wrong for publishing back to TFS
  • MS Project: Cell validation will give an error if the ListSeparator is mapped
  • MS Project12: copy a task to other plan that connect to different TFS keeps workitem ID
  • Office 12: Error message for MS Project is not installed should include Office2003 and above
  • MS Project12: Work Item type keep disappearing after corrupted.
  • Excel12: Table names can be re-named in excel12 causing some problems when working with our add-in
  • Excel 12: User can toggle the header row of a list object so it is no longer present which causes our list object to fail to funtion
  • Excel 12: AssignedTo filtering cannot be restored on refresh
  • Excel12: Copied ListObject is not connected
  • Office 12: Column titles are difficult to read with default Excel12/TFSteamproject
  • Office12: Structured storage APIs cannot be used to read/write custom document properties on .xlsx files
  • Excel 2007 integration: refresh list one of two lists in one worksheet stomps header row of 2nd list
  • Fix scripted setup for Office 12 PIAs


  • DTS: Need product fix to enable the OLAP cube to be on its own machine (separate from the data tier machine)
  • DTS: The perspectives are not showing the Hiearchies after installing Yukon SP1 (on Enterprise edition)
  • DTS: Approx 1,500 Work Items are missing from the warehouse & cube. Pattern is not clear.
  • DTS: AT Warehouse processing does not surround schema changes to the cube with a transaction — causes cube to go offline for duration of the process
  • DTS: Test Tools Adapter: Exception while deserializing test object data for test run (AT event log# 6501)
  • DTS: Warehouse schema changes are too slow
  • Work items rev’ed on deleted nodes break Warehouse
  • DTS: Modify SCC warehouse adapter so it can handle massive changesets in a more efficient manner by chunking up the work into smaller sets of work.

Server Integration and Admin

  • TfsAdminUtil ActiveAT truncates subscription URLs to 100 chars
  • DTS: TFSAdminUtil did not modify tbl_databases during rename
  • DTS: Linking provider was not updated properly in TFSIntegration.dbo.tbl_service_interface during DevDiv machine upgrade
  • Watson 4741526: PK Violation ‘PK_tbl_tmp_security_identities’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.tbl_tmp_security_identities
  • DTS: Unable to create team project – Could not read the following identities : System.ArgumentException: Value cannot be null.
  • Reclassification to a “new” node can break WIT-CSS sync
  • DTS: Large synch of Areas & Iterations cause user requests to be blocked
  • Application directory ‘D:\TempBis\’ is required but missing on ATDT single server setup after installing SP1
  • DTS: TFS only supports NTLM authentication: needs fixing


  • Installation of SP1 patch recreates TFS AppPool with blank password

Source Code Control

  • DTS: SCC Get operation has excessive hit on server
  • DTS: TFS check-out and undo taking forever
  • DTS: Long running SCC undo operation appeared to put SQL into a state where it was blocked on itself.
  • DTS: Relatively small checkin operation (5,400 items) causing SCC back up in job queue for an unacceptable amount of time.
  • DTS: OOM Exception on AT when merging 180k items on the dogfood server
  • DTS: huge checkins that are repeatedly causing w3wc to shutdown after exceeding its virtual memory limit
  • Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Server.dll – Incorrect Error Message
  • customer repository migration – merge of 100K items hitting AT out of memory exception
  • DTS Checkin on dogfood server is timing out with 580,000 pended changes
  • DTS: SCC rename operations have excessive hit on the server
  • DTS: Unused SCC indexes waste DT capacity
  • DTS: Source Control Permissions Inheritance error
  • DTS: SCC stored procedure: prc_get may have further opportunity for optimization to reduce joins
  • DTS: Umbrella bug to track patches in SCC Checkin# 72770 and Checkin# 72984 aimed at SCC OOM and scale issues.
  • QueryRepositoryInfo: Number of shelvesets does not update correctly
  • Null reference from upload handler while checking in
  • Wrong error message when trying to checkout a file with a lock that is already locked
  • need to port 585125 to fix crash in diffmerge.exe
  • Merge: client OM blows up during merge of 15k items on dogfood
  • Shelve/Workspace: Command fails if names end with . but error message doesn’t give any clue
  • Unable to undo case only rename on a folder if a child has a pending change
  • PK violation inserting into tbl_RevertTo
  • diffmerge.exe fails to kill itself, and causes VS to hang
  • Can not add solution to source control when the project has been added already
  • Vista: InvalidArgument popup on Add Solution to Source Control dialog
  • Permission: Permissions can be assigned to deleted identities if Hatteras once knew about them
  • Open From SCC of “new” web application project causes folders to be created instead of fetching code-behind files
  • Need to port over WAP fixes from 1452638
  • Memory access exception when using Filter By Solution
  • Vista: New Folder button highlights two items
  • Vista: default Get messagebox has ugly linebreak
  • Security: Changeset web view can give unprivileged work item information
  • Watson 5072096: SqlException (241): Conversione non riuscita durante la conversione di una stringa di caratteri nel tipo di dati datetime
  • DTS: Decide whether or not to change SQL configuration to avoid automatic escalation to table locks after 5,000 individual locks acquired.
  • Modify Version ID to allow differentiation of Watsons from RTM and SP1
  • OOM exception performing merge of 180k items on dogfood server
  • Need support for determining merge contributor history
  • prc_QueryIdentitySID SP1 change broke “TfsAdminUtil sid”

Team Build

  • TeamBuildRefPath should be picked up from the build agent location, instead of vs install.

Work Item Tracking

  • Exception “Cannot pass a GCHandle across AppDomains”
  • Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Common.Marker class is not thread-safe
  • Workitem saves are taking an extremely long time with some workitem types
  • DTS: Perf improvement – Patch to switch full text indexing to use incremental crawl population
  • Turkish I problem in ApplyAllTreeChanges.sql
  • IdentityNotMappedException in Event Logs
  • Handle SQL error conditions in WIT AT without logging Watsons
  • Remove Identity membership should not be handled in PCW code path.
  • DeleteProject API in WIT is not checking for caller’s permissions
  • DTS:Add custom controls for work item forms
  • Links control: automatically sort by link type
  • Vista: Tabing out from Iteration path dropdown control crashes Visual Studio
  • Right to left text alignment after creating new workitem


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