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Brian Harry

In the launch keynote on Wed, I announced, and Nicole demoed a new service on VS Online called Application Insights.

I also announced that it is in “limited preview” – meaning it’s an invitation only service for now.  It’s early and we want to grow it slowly so that we can incorporate feedback early, getting fresh eyes along the way.  The most dependable way to get an invite is to create a VS Online account, then click on the Try Application Insights tile and request an invitation code by clicking on “Add me to waiting list”…

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We’ll try to get invite codes out at a reasonable pace but it’s just going to depend on demand.

But, to make it even easier for those willing to dive in early, here’s an invitation code you can use today.  It has close to 100 activations on it.  Don’t use it if you don’t actually plan to play with it though.  I’ll post new codes on my blog every so often and you can always just request one via the web page.

Invitation Code: VSInsights8522381191

We look forward to hearing your feedback.



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